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The right tools can help make losing weight easier, and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gadgets, cookbooks, and other things that can help you stay on track and meet your weight loss goals. I have personally evaluated all the products listed below, and I hope that you’ll find my reviews helpful and enjoy the products recommended.

Best Pedometer

Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer Increasing your daily activity is a key component of any successful weight loss effort. Having a great pedometer can help motivate you to get more steps in each day. I love this Omron pedometer because it is easy to use and can handle a lot of abuse. Read Happy Dieter’s complete review

Best Cookbooks

Great Food Fast This cookbook contains many easy-to-make recipes with fresh, healthy ingredients. However, this isn’t a diet cookbook, so you’ll have to summon up the willpower to skip over the dessert recipes! My favorites include: pan fried shrimp with green curry cashew sauce, favorite turkey burger, flank steak with lime marinade, and tostadas salsa verde.
Quick and Healthy Volume II When I buy a new cookbook, I am usually lucky to find one or two recipes that I end up making for years to come. I bought this Quick and Healthy Volume II cookbook ten years ago, there are at least 10 recipes that we regularly make at our house to this day! The recipes are yummy, easy, and healthy. Read Happy Dieter’s complete review

Best Exercise DVDs

Minna Emergency Workout When it is really cold (or hot) outside or you are stuck at home with a sick kid, it’s good to have a quality exercise DVD that you can use to get your workout in! Minna’s Emergency workout contains a 30 minute toning workout and a 30 minute cardio workout. The moves are pretty straightforward and fun, and Minna is encouraging without being annoying. I highly recommend it!
Just Dance (for the Wii) This is a video game that your whole family will enjoy and will give you ALL a great workout. There is a huge variety of songs to choose from, everything from Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold to the Beach Boy’s I Get Around. Learning the dance moves is pretty fun and hilarious, and you WILL break a sweat while trying to beat your kid’s score!
Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred This is a great DVD to use when you are really pressed for time, as it gives you a pretty intense workout in just 20 minutes. Because it’s broken into 1 or 2 minute bursts of cardio or strength, it doesn’t become tedious or boring. Keep in mind that you have to be OK with Jillian’s tough love style!
Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 This is Jillian’s latest exercise DVD. It follows the same format as 30 day shred, which I really like. Even though it is only 24 minutes, I definitely get a great workout.

Best Strength Training book

The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises This book contains a ton of exercises that you can do at the gym or at home. I LOVE the pictures and detailed explanations of each move. This book also has nutrition tips, warm-up exercises, and several complete workouts that you use.

Weigh 2 Go! member recommendations

These are products that I haven’t personally tried, but that Weigh 2 Go members really like!

Nike + SportBand The Nike+ SportBand tracks your distance, pace, time and calories burned while you run in an easy-to-read display. Includes Nike+ sensor to be placed in your Nike+ ready shoes.

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