Top 20 List : Get more steps in each day

In addition to getting regular exercise, increasing your daily activity level can definitely help you get healthier and lose weight.  Little changes in your daily lifestyle can really add up to give you meaningful results. Here are Happy Dieter’s Top 20 ways to incorporate more activity into each day:

  1. Get a pedometer and strive for 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Park farther away from stores, doctor offices, etc.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator (at work, when you go to the doctor’s office, etc).
  4. Use the restroom or copy machine that is farthest away from your office.
  5. Instead of stopping by in your car to get your mail, drive home first and walk there.
  6. Need to bring something to a friend’s house? If they don’t live too far away, walk (or bike) there instead of driving.
  7. If you work out of home, walk around your house (or in front of your house) while on a conference call.
  8. While watching your favorite TV show, go up and down the stairs during commercials.
  9. Go for a walk with your spouse, friend, or family after dinner each night. It will help your food digest better and give you quality time with those you love.
  10. Instead of going out to lunch at work, eat a packed lunch and go for a walk instead. As a bonus, your packed lunch will likely contain significantly less calories and fat than restaurant food. Plus, you’ll save money.
  11. Wash your own car vs. taking it to car wash.
  12. No one I know ever looks forward to housework, but running around doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning is a great way to get more activity into your day. If you have a pedometer, you’ll also find that you took a lot of extra steps, which makes that housework seem more rewarding.
  13. Walk your kids to school.
  14. Rake the leaves in your yard, vs. using a leaf blower or paying a lawn service to do it.
  15. Go shopping! Of course this can do damage to your pocketbook, but you’ll get in lots of walking.
  16. Instead of watching TV at night with your family, play an active game on your Wii or Playstation. Just Dance, Wii Fit, and Wii Sports are some of our favorites!
  17. If you need to go to multiple shops that aren’t too far apart, park once and walk to each store (vs. moving your car).
  18. When grocery shopping, take the shopping cart all the way back to the store.
  19. Have a dog? Take him (or her) out for frequent walks. It will be great exercise for both of you.
  20. If you have extra time while traveling, walk all the way to your gate at the airport (vs. taking a shuttle or moving sidewalk).

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