Stay Motivated to Exercise

Exercising regularly is keep component of any weight loss program, but it can sometimes be hard to find the time and motivation to exercise. Here are some tips to keep you moving and losing:

  • Get your exercise done first thing in the morning. This can be really hard if you are not a morning person or if you have a job that requires you to be at work very early in the morning. But if you can get it done in the morning, then you can cross it off your list and get on with your day. Also, chances are you will have more energy and feel better during the day because of exercising in the morning.  The thing about waiting until the afternoon is that you can find a million excuses NOT to exercise. For example: (1) You are too tired from your day and just want to sit down. (2) You got a last minute project and have to work late. (3) You need to cook dinner, take your kids to practice, do laundry, etc… So many things can come up late in the day that will derail your exercise plans.
  • Exercise with a friend. It is SO much harder to bail on exercise when a friend is counting on you to show up. If you are exercising solo, it is pretty easy to come up with excuses to skip your workout. Knowing a friend is waiting for you at the gym or to run/walk will provide some extra motivation for you to exercise!
  • Listen to music while you exercise. Some people, like my husband, enjoy peace and quiet while exercising. They use that time to work through issues in their mind or meditate. Others, like me, need the boost that music can provide. Listening to your favorite tunes while exercising can help you feel more energized and make your workout go by faster. Make sure to keep your playlist updated, so you don’t burn out on the same songs being played over and over.
  • Listen to an audiobook or watch TV while exercising. I have a Weigh 2 Go! member that DVRs her favorite TV show and only watches it while she walks on her treadmill. She is so engrossed in her show that 45 minutes goes by in a flash, and 300 calories are burned in the process.  If you are an avid reader, try downloading a book in iTunes and listening to it while you walk. If you is a particularly good book, you’ll be especially motivated to get your iPod and get moving!
  • Find new ways to get exercise. Tired of running, exercising on the elliptical, or going to the gym over and over again? Think outside of the box! I loved roller-skating when I was a kid, and it turns out I love it as an adult too. I also love the fact that I can burn a bunch of calories doing something that is WAY more fun than running. Other activities, such as dancing or swimming can help change up your exercise plan & make things more interesting.  If you belong to a gym, you can also try out a new class like kick-boxing, boot camp, step, or even a hip-hop.
  • Buy a new exercise outfit, shoes, or electronic gizmo. If you buy a high quality (and flattering) outfit for exercising, you’ll feel better about how you look and possibly be more motivated to work out. Also, some new super-comfy shoes can inspire you to lace them up more often. Wearing a pedometer, a heart-rate monitor, BodyBugg, or other electronic gizmo can tell you how many calories you are burning, which in turn can keep you motivated to keep on your exercise plan.

I’d love to hear other ideas for how you stay motivated to exercise! Please feel free to comment!


  1. Heather

    I love using the Lose It app for my iPhone, because it allows me more calories to eat when I put in my exercise amount. It really gives my workout days a boost!

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