A little competition goes a long way

As part of Weigh 2 Go!, we usually have one more more contests going on at any time. Why? Because they truly motivate a lot of people to stay focused on their weight loss objectives. Sometimes the “prize” for winning a contest is something very simple like a $10 gift card to your favorite store.  In our “Dollar on the Line” contest, the winner usually gets around $20.  Lately, the members of one of my groups really wanted to have a HIGH STAKES contest, so each of the 20 members contributed $10 towards a “Survivor” inspired contest.  The last remaining member on “Survivor Island” will win the pot, which will be $200!

Regardless of the prize for winning a contest, adding a little competition always seems to help keep things fun and effective.  Not all Weigh 2 Go! groups are interested in high stakes competitions.  During meetings, I definitely survey the group and try to incorporate contests that work for most people.  All our contests are completely voluntary, so there is never any pressure to participate in something don’t like.  However, I have found that most people are really into it and work hard to do well in our contests.  Even people who are not that competitive are very motivated by our “partner contests”.  In other words, they don’t care if they win the contest or not, but they DON’T want to let their partner down.  Also, getting e-mail messages or texts from your partner throughout the week can help you stay focused on your new healthy habits.

So… while people are busy trying to win contests, they are also losing weight.  And after a while, you start to notice that you have more energy, your clothes are getting baggier, and you like what you see in the mirror.  And there is nothing like RESULTS to keep you motivated! 🙂

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  1. Lisa AnselmoMarnach

    As competition and fun goes, there is no one like Cathy Parkes to get her gang pumped, strategizing, conniving, possibly drawing blood on opponents, and cracking up the whole time. Don’t underestimate her power to help you rediscover your power. Take a deep breath and dive in!

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